Year-Round Membership

COE Karma Points

Are you a loyal COE member who helps build the online community year-round? If so, we want to recognize you for it!

Earn points for performing various COE activities and work your way from Newbie to Master. As you earn badges, they will appear on your MyPage profile for other members to see.

Recognition will be awarded to top karma point earners every month. And don’t worry—your activity thus far has been accounted for.

Any questions? Please contact:

What are the different badges I can earn and what do they mean?

COE Karma Points
1 Star.jpg Newbie: 0-199  Karma Points
2 stars.jpg Novice: 200-799 Karma Points
3 Stars.jpg Apprentice: 800-1999 Karma Points
4 Stars.jpg Expert: 2000-3499 Karma Points
5 Stars.jpg Master: 3500+ Karma Points
COE Upstanding Citzen
Updating COE Citizen 1 star.jpg 5 points

While viewing other members MyPages or communicating in the discussion forums, you will see various other badges associated with COE members.

board of directors_Final resized.jpg  COE Board of Directors   
rug leader_final resized.jpg COE RUG Leader
coe volunteer_final resized.jpg COE Volunteer
bronze vendor_final resized.jpg Current Vendor Member
ds founding partner_final resized.jpg Founding Partner, Dassault Systèmes

How do I earn COE Karma Points?

Activity Points
Start a thread in a discussion forum 20
Reply to a thread in a discussion forum 10
Upload your picture to your MyPage 10
Requirement request created 10
Respond to a survey 5
Subscribe to a discussion forum 2
Comment on a news article 2
Comment on a document/presentation 2
Vote in a poll 2
Rate a news article 1
Follow another member 1
Connect with another member 1
Attend the COE Annual Conference 30*

*Earn 30 points per conference attended. To obtain your points for any conference attended prior to 2012 email

How do I earn COE Upstanding Citizen Points?

Activity Points
Update your membership profile 1
Connect with another member 1
Follow another member 1
Update your picture to your MyPage 1
Update your MyPage 1

What do I win?

Rewards How to Win
Listing on COE home page Be a Top Karma Points Holder overall
Recognition within COE NewsNet e-newsletter Be a Monthly Top Point Earner
Recognition within the COE discussion forum Be a Top Karma Points Holder overall
Recognition at annual conference during general session Be one of the 20 Annual Top Point Earners from April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015

Your COE Karma points will be tracked on your MyPage. Access your MyPage by logging into the COE website and clicking on MyPage under My Options at the top of the window.  The badges you've earned will also be viewable by other members in the discussion forum when you post.

Visit the COE Membership FAQ page to learn more about some of the activities listed.