What is COE Certification?

COE’s new certification program provides users, vendors, consultants and students with a globally valuable index for measuring and promoting their knowledge and skills within the PLM ecosystem. COE’s certification program provides a hands-on standard measure of DS PLM product knowledge and enables participants to assess their skills against market norms.

The certification program also offers valuable feedback on training programs by providing a quantitative before-and-after measurement of trainees' acquired skills.

COE’s certification is only offered at COE’s Annual PLM Conference.  Registered attendees can take the test at a discounted price of $99.  There will be an onsite rate of $149 for those who are only participating in the certification and not attending the Conference.


Sample Exam Part

Certification for CATIA Users

CATIA V6 Exam Description

The certification exam for CATIA V6 currently covers the major brand domains and products offered in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The CATIA V6 certification program is a single hands-on exam that supports one level of expertise for the domain: Today, COE’s CATIA Certified Professional exam covers primarily, CATIA Part Design.

V6 Certificates

Anyone who passes a CATIA V6 Exam is a COE CATIA Certified Professional.

Certificates are version specific and do not expire.

CATIA V6 Exams

Our CATIA V6 exam consists of a hands-on challenge delivered in a secure proctored testing environment at the COE Annual PLM Conference.  You will have 60 minutes to complete the exam. Candidates need to achieve a total equal to or above the minimum passing score on the exam to pass and become certified.

Taking the exam requires preparation and practical experience with the products. The expected experience for the exam is to have at least 1 to 2 years of regular practice with CATIA Part Design. Optional preparation includes the DS CATIA Companion Tool.

The following information should give you a good taste of the exam criteria:

  • Solid Construction
    • Solid is modifiable
    • No “Problem” branches
    • Solid Construction in a logical manner
  • Position Sketched Used
  • Sketches fully constrained
  • Main solid for accuracy – weight is approx ? w/ Density =1
  • Material Applied Successfully
  • All features and sketches renamed


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