Problem with Thread/Tap and Hole Icon

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Problem with Thread/Tap and Hole Icon
The question I have is has anyone out there in the CATIA community tired to create inch thread standards yet?
I'm in the process of taking a closer look at this feature. I have been able to get it to work correctly as long as I create Metric threads or Tool/Options/Units is set to Millimeters.
Unfortunately what I want to create is some good old UNF, UNC inch threads.

Here is the problem that I have:
I create the Excel spread sheet with a Nominal Diameter = .250, Pitch = .050, and Minor Diameter = .16340
When I select this standard from the Hole Icon. CATIA converts it to Nominal Diameter = .009843, Pitch = .00197, and Minor Diameter = .00643. CATIA has converted the original values to Millimeters.

I have tried to put the Inch designation in the Excel spread sheet but that only converts the values twice.

I can adjust my Excel spread sheet to compensate for this conversation but if CATIA feels this is a bug and corrects it in the future releases any holes created with the adjusted values would be incorrect.

I have done a search on past postings and came up empty on this problem.

Can anyone help with this question?

Thanks in Advance
John B Cearns

Author: John B Cearns