Add CATIA V5 'Accelerator' key F12

COE Administrator

Add CATIA V5 'Accelerator' key F12
The following has been added to our CATDMDlgToolsMenu file, but the F12 key does not get set for launching CATIA V5?

ExecuteMenu.CATIAV5.Title = "CATIAV5...";
ExecuteMenu.CATIAV5.Mnemonic = "A";
ExecuteMenu.CATIAV5.Accelerator = "F12";
ExecuteMenu.CATIAV5.Help = "Execute CATIA V5";

Has anyone been succesfull in setting your CATIA V5 accelerator key?

We are using VPM 1.4 ptf7, CATIA V5R7

Richard Lyons
Freightliner LLC

Author: Richard A. Lyons