How to catgeo api(GIMWRI) in UserExit??

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How to catgeo api(GIMWRI) in UserExit??

I try to store catia_model to filesystem in VPM UserExit using GIMWRI(catgeo api).
Model is stored DBLFCDM method.

VPM die when click ModelExport in PSN Contextual Menu.
It's process that gdrmsi, gdrmod, gimwri.
I success to read a model's size, database.(gdrmsi, gdrmod).
But gimwri can't call.

It's error message in vpm.
The CATGEO routine GIMWRI cannot be called
(S/W Pd OM not found into installed tocprods).
Install and use appropriate product.

* ABEND NUMBER : U0998 *

Do I install where Product? or I need License?
Help me. please..

ps) I success model export in dependece C Program whitout VPM.
VPM1.5, PTF1.3, AIX4.3

Author: jbon