Software architecture for Inspection at Raytheon Aircraft

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Software architecture for Inspection at Raytheon Aircraft
Frank, the following are software packages used for validating product at Raytheon Aircraft.

Architecture Overview:
CATIA 4.2.4 R1
Cimstation Inspection (Silma) 5.0
Also getting a seat of Solidworks to run FBTol.
The attached pdf are examples of what we support.

My priority list for future developments by Dassault would be:
1. CMM programming software (Delmia Inspect, Metrologic)
2. Point cloud analysis software (DCS?)
3. Reporting software for Q.A. reports and SPC (DCS?)
a. Not just point data information but also DMIS output reporting for CMM's.
b. Software needs to have built in customizable templates.
c. Capable of imputing manual entries from Height gage, calipers etc. also have calculations built in to take advantage of MMC, LMC etc. for manual entries.
4. Flattening software for Mylars or templates. (Sheetmetal for Aero)
5. FT&A

Future Inspection software I feel would be useful.
* GD&T tolerance checking in V5. Check to see if part is fully constrained. Auto feature recognition.
* Real time shop floor analysis. Photogramitry, light scanners, Atos etc. High point density scanners. Information is directly imported into CATIA for evaluation in real time.
* Point cloud metrology. This could eventually take some load off the CMM's.

Author: Russell Schmidt

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