V4 Pipes into V5

Michael Estes

V4 Pipes into V5

Hi All

Need some help with Converting V4 Pipes into V5

Can you successfully convert these entities into v5 and retain their history. if yes how do you do it ?

i have tried the usual

1. Open v4 Model   2.Copy and paste "as spec" into a v5 part

Trouble is the resulting part contains Ribs & Sketches not pipes, am i going about this in the right way.


Secondly a very important one.

In v4 piping using the analysis function you can output a text file containing the XYZ co-ordinates and rotations of the bends in the pipe.

Can you do this in v5, if yes which icon am i after ?

thanks all



Paul Van Der Zande

RE: V4 Pipes into V5
(in response to Michael Estes)

To the best of my knowledge, V4 pipes (*PIP) created with FK:TUBING (TU3) are converted to V5 Tubing product via the AEC migration tool (see documentation on migrating aec data). It requires setup on V5 site (a lot) to have part catalog, specs catalog, standards, etc. If all goes well you end up with a correct V5 tubing model (which as all intelligence).
Then you will be able to output bend data of a bent tube in excel (bend angles, bend diameters, roll angles between bends).


Jim Strawn

RE: V4 Pipes into V5
(in response to Michael Estes)
Unfortunately, V4 Pipes created with the SolidE function do not convert over to V5 with history. You need to manually copy the center line over to V5, then re-create a "rib" by using this as a centerline and a circular sketch as the profile. The good news is that it's pretty easy to create a PowerCopy for this rib and sketch - and even include a parameter for the Diameter.

Fernando Petre

RE: V4 Pipes into V5
(in response to Michael Estes)

I saw the thread very late.... http://2htts.com/CATBlog/index.php?itemid=19&catid=4