What is AEC and shipbuilding and how does it work?

Dan Johannesen

What is AEC and shipbuilding and how does it work?


     Briefly, what is AEC and Shipbuilding and how does it work?  I am going to be using CATIA 5 release 16 possibly R17.  Also.

      I am putting together large datasets that require large amounts of memory. I need the poccessor    

      to put the geometry together as fast as it can, so i am not sitting and waiting.  Also these files will be

      transfered overseas and i need a fast trnsmission time. We are currently thinking of using

      file transfer protocal to transmit these files over the internet. Is this the best way to send them?

      Also do they have to be compressed to send them more quickly without any problems occuring?

      My main question is, i was hoping to use Microsoft xp professional x 64  operating system because 

  of the 64 bit  proccessor.  I was told that CATIA 5 with PLM/PDM ENOVIA AND SMART TEAM CAPABILITY

      can only be run on a 32 bit proccessor. If this is so, is there anyway to customize a 32 bit proccessor

      to have larger memory and be as fast as possible. I would then use Microsoft xp Proffesional

     with the 32 bit proccessor for the operating system. I would appreciate an answer from anyone

    as soon as possible. Thanks.