Delete material

Peter Wilk

Delete material
Is there a way to completely delete the material from a part?

I have some parts where I have assigned a material to different part bodies and or the part itself.  I'm trying to clean all that up and just get rid of all the materials and the parameters that get created when assigning a material.  I am able to delete the small cylinder feature in the partbody or part tree but the parameter called "Material" cannot be deleted.

I have tried deleting this "Material" parameter directly from the spec tree and through the f(x) dialog box.  in both cases I get the following error.
You can delete only the new parameters that you have added to the part.
The parameters created for each feature can be deleted only by deleting the feature itself.
Why can't I completely wipe out all material related items?


Derek Bezaire

RE: Delete material
(in response to Peter Wilk)
Pete - It's a Catia thing, but you can set it to NONE.


John B Cearns

RE: Delete material
(in response to Peter Wilk)

This should help you out.



Luiz Henrique Silva

RE: Delete material
(in response to Peter Wilk)

I was looking for a macro to delete materials, so I came to this thread, btw

to delete parameter material, just put it inseide a geoset and delete the geoset.


joe tail

RE: Delete material
(in response to Luiz Henrique Silva)

could you share the vba code?