V4 library to V5 Catalog

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V4 library to V5 Catalog
Hi Jim,

1) Yes, we try it quite recently.

2) When we run the ConvertLibrary.CATScript on a NT box, we
do so as what the online docmentation has specified; we
set up a http server on the AIX box, and access the V4
library from there.

3) We also run the ConvertLibrary.CATScript on the AIX box.

4) On both cases, yes, the parameters are pass over to V5
catalog but not their values.

HC86730 says it'll be fixed in V5R7+SP5 and V5R8.

Cheers. Kennis TANG.

Author: Kennis TANG

Ray Anderson

RE: V4 library to V5 Catalog
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I am looking for some speakers on this subject. RSVP and come share your experience with us in 2012!