NC Tool Customization

John Kelley Jr

NC Tool Customization

My Name is John Kelley Jr, MFG ENGR for Honeywell INT’L. I presently use CatiaV5R17 for NCLATHE, PRISMATIC, and MULTIAXIS Programming of multiple Machines.


I recently wrote a macro to define my own tools for a Hook Profile that needs a internal cavity machined behind the hook. I need to use Ramp Recess Turning to Remove material using ramping as a strategy with flank angles to remove material.


The Ramp Recess Turning routine does not allow me to define a tool with the  necessary clearance. Recess Turning and Groove Turning routines do allow tool definition but these routines do not ramp.


Tools Catalog Macro provided with the help docs was used to create a personal catalog to define the tools needed using the necessary “Keywords” and “Type”  attributes for the Ramp Turning Routine.  Macro Builder in V5 did batch the CSV File and the Cat script file


Generation of  the JK_JR catalog did occur in the necessary Folder . After opening up Ramp Recess Turning, and clicking the tool holder tab, clicking the tool assembly query tab, looking  in  JK_JR catalog, I do not see the tools created. I have attached theses files.


Tools, Options Machining, Resource tab, does point to the correct directory, P:\MED\NC.


JK_JR Tools catalog is stored in this location  but tools are not seen after accessing after pressing the tool assembly query of the routine.


I need the class on the NC tool Customization. I was made aware of the free lessons today, so I missed the customization class offered July 10.


Will  more training be offered for NC TOOL customization ?


If not can assistance be provided over the phone.


If So please contact me at 602-231-1410.


Help would be greatly appreciated!