Analysis Error problems in Catia V5 R4

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Analysis Error problems in Catia V5 R4
My name is Anjohn Barua and I am a final year Aeronautical Engineer Studying at City University, London. My group design project is on the SAE Formula student competition, which involves our university to design and manufacture a Open wheel base race car.

Our Race car is using a space frame chassis and I am trying to do some FEA Analysis using CATIA but I am have problems as as it comes up with error reports when the structure gets more complicated. It manages to do an analysis on the structure when I have around 28 members, but as soon as I increase it by one single member it comes up with the same error.

I have attached a jpg file showing exactly what it does.

I really hope you can help me as I really want to produce some FEA results. If you know of any other package which could produce the similar results that would be most helpful to or if you could advise of anyone who would know the answer it would be much apprieciated.

Best Regards

Anjohn Barua

Author: Anjohn Barua