V4 drawing to V5 problem

Jack Knapp

V4 drawing to V5 problem

We've seen this problem several times since we upgraded to V5R18:

Copy and paste the drawing from V4 model to a new V5 drawing and the views are way out in space, compared to where our drawing border is.  (see the attached screen image)

Anyone know why this is happening?  How to fix it?

We've been able to drag the views over and into the border, but there's got to be a better way.

This doesn't happen with all drawings. But I've seen it at least 3 different times in the last month.



Kimmo Takala

RE: V4 drawing to V5 problem
(in response to Jack Knapp)
No attachment ?

But do you use DLNames? check right Project File path in Tools->options->vĪ data reading ->PRJ and DLNAME (and then there must be right DLName in your DLName list)