Cannot save the part

COE Administrator

Cannot save the part
Hi Benjamin,

Perhaps SP5 could be the solution.

To our awareness, differenet scenarios can come up to your encountered problem: cannot save the part:-

a) one incident says that the problem was fixed by a
Dassaults Internal Cleaning Tool, which may be
available as a clean function within Catia from Catia
V5R8 ... pls see JRK's other thread.

b) the problem was caused on a Catpart which had been saved
off successfully multiple times, but then suddenly fails
to save ... as JRK has pointed out

c) Another problem reports that the "undo" function could
happen to corrupt the model in such a way that we could
not save it any more. That has been solved with the
R7SP5 (HC86704)

d) another incident says that Copy the whole PartBody into
a blank new part can save the many hrs of working ...
this too has to be done with V5R7SP5.


Your scenario may be totally different from the above ...

Cheers. Kennis.

Author: Kennis TANG