RE: Out of the box functionalities

Lasse Purma

RE: Out of the box functionalities
3)User Roles

Since we have these three Item types; naturally we should have similar Roles by default. Creators of different data should be different roles, since in many cases these are created by different teams. With Roles I would not like to go too deep, since these really differ company by company. Note anyhow that in EV6 (or matrixone...) user has three levels of definition Role-Organization-project that all affect to user rights. So I am really talking about Role side of user rights.

A) Template Item designer -Users that create template items, can create and modify template items.

B) Standard Item designer -Users that create Standard items, can create or modify standard items.

C) Project designers - Users that create project specific data and work as project designers.

These roles could be expanded with "team leader" aspect or many other aspects. Overall I don't see that user roles and groups are predefined as an important thing, but if we have Item classification as predefined, certain level in user rights should follow that. (just to make system consistent)