RE: Out of the box functionalities

Lasse Purma

RE: Out of the box functionalities
6) Rules connected to these Default definitions.

Ok, now starts the fun part; definition of rules, how these Out of box functionalities should work Out of Box. I have a vision that these rules should be simple on/off rules that could be turned on or off by administrator. These rules should be ON by default in order to support assumed generic engineering process.

Please read all posts above very carefully and try to figure out what would you see as default rules in such an environment, here are some that I can imagine:

1) Standard Assembly can have only Standard items as children
2) Project specific assembly can have Standard Items or Project specific Items as children
3) Template assembly can have Standard Items or Template Items as children
4) Template Items can not be Released for manufacturing
5) To release Project specific Assembly, all it's children must be released, except Reference/skeleton parts
6) If Template Assembly is Duplicated, Standard Items under it are not duplicated (unless specifically selected for it)
7) Geometrical/manufacturing parts can not be linked with design links to other geometrical parts, only to reference/skeleton parts. (okay, this is a really a dividing thing; I know that setting such a rule is not OK in many places, but on the other hand a capability to force to certain kind of process might be useful - remember that we ask for possibility to turn these rules also OFF)
... more to come


Okay; so these Out of box functionalities include many enhancements. We (company that I represent) have stated these as mandatory things for DS in V6. If you want to support (or not) this action, please comment here. All votes are welcome, on behalf or against.