V5 Duel Monitor Problem

Justan Each

V5 Duel Monitor Problem

I have V5 and am running a duel monitor setup.  I just had my computer rebuilt and hooked everything up and everything seems to run proper except for one issue.

When I click on say the Process Simulation icon I can see for a split second the window pop up for the Play, Pause, Stop buttons but then it disappears instantly like it is on a non-existent monitor. Is there a way I can default where the windows pop up with these controls and get them to open up back in the V5 window?

Thank you in advance!

Robert Mason

RE: V5 Duel Monitor Problem
(in response to Justan Each)

Hi Justan,

You may have already tried this, but you can use Toolbar Customization to restore the positions of all toolbars.  This should work for all controls as well.  I do not konw of any way to force popups into a specific monitor.  I see some of the same issues even with MS Office when it comes to popups getting pushed to the main monitor instead of the monitor on which the application is displayed.

One additional tool is to reset to one monitor and then go back to the dual display.  This can also help to reset toolbar positions relative to the current monitor.