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Lasse Purma

RE: Out of the box functionalities

I noticed today something silly, where I definitely want to have a change in out of box functionality. It goes to (great actually) functionality called Duplicate. This allows to create an isolated duplicate from original data in very nice way. But the problem is that if you duplicate something once, (with default duplicate prefix) second duplicate from same object (with same prefix) gives just an error, that object is not unique and Fails. This is because of default Business Logic file is a bit childish; it doesn't include any unique ode for object if it has prefix defined.

This on top of the fact that default business logic allows to write manually Part number, but this must be unique makes new item creation a very silly process in V6 and ends up to impossible situations very easily.

I developed my own business logic file that is taking care that new items are created always as unique (part number is unique) and where Part number is read only - kind of "system identifier", it works neatly and offers optimal usability for many processes. Instead of mandatory Part number that is unique, I have mandatory Description, that must not be unique, but can not be empty. I just don't get how default is much worse than something that I was able to put together with few hours of trial and error.

Actually; do we have an area here where good system configurations could be shared? I think that we all could contribute with some good system configurations and configuration tips...

Alan Pilz

RE: Out of the box functionalities
(in response to Lasse Purma)
Lasse, I'd like to second your valiant effort to push for better OOTB functionality. I'm nearing the end of a long journey working with DS development team onsite with our Enovia V6 PLM Project. It never fails to surprise me when a well established common sense engineering business logic is not enforced as standard OOTB. An example that springs to my mind immediately is the cardinality of having children in an assembly released before being able to release the assembly. In my 20+ years of working in this industry I have never heard anyone go against this process methodology... We are not deploying V6 right now but have a combination of V5, Designer Central and Enovia V6 I noticed its a while since the last posts.... What's happened since then... All of your problems , enhancements already realised?