Open Project in DELMIA V5

Milind Barve

Open Project in DELMIA V5

I did a client installation of DELMIA R18 SP4. I installed process engineer client and DELMIA V5 on windows.( PPD Server is on different machine) I am able to open the process engineer window and browse the projects. However I am not able to see the projects in DELMIA V5.

any clues?


Robert Mason

RE: Open Project in DELMIA V5
(in response to Milind Barve)

Are you getting an empty window?  If so, this is likely due to JAVA_HOME.  It's necessary to specify a 32-bit JAVA_HOME for the DPE client, and a 64-bit JAVA_HOME for V5.

If there is some other symptom, please let me know.