CATIA V5 Catalog Part families

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CATIA V5 Catalog Part families
I have studied all the samples that come with CATIA and I love how it works. One CATPart with a DesignTable and when you Instantiate Component into the CATProduct CATIA changes the configuration from the DesignTable to the one you selected and places the CATPart onto the CATProduct.

I feel foolish admitting this but I have never been able to get CATIA catalog to work correctly with my part families. I have read and tired everything on the COE forum. I believe I'm creating the catalog correctly but when it comes time to Instantiate Component onto the CATProduct I always get this error message.

"Impossible to instantiate this component reference is already in session."
"Close first your reference."

I never get this error message when I use the sample catalogs that come with CATIA.

Am I just missing some settings?

In the Tools/Options/Catalog Tab I have the "Create new reference for each instantiation" selected.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated:

John B Cearns

Author: John B Cearns