SPA-Copy Object Format in Sketcher

Rolando Garza

SPA-Copy Object Format in Sketcher
Item: Sketcher
Implement Request Point: V5R21
Requirement Description:
“Copy Object Format” for the Sketch workbench:
For example:
In a sketch, make three circles.
Constrain the Radius of Cicle.1.
Multi-Select Circle.2 and Circle.3.
Click “Copy Object Format”.
Then select Circle.1
An Equivalent dimension is created with the value of the radius for Circle.1.
The other two circles have a radius constraint created for each.
All three radius constraints are controlled by the equivalent dimension.

Dave Frank

RE: SPA-Copy Object Format in Sketcher
(in response to Rolando Garza)
I could have used this today.

I made a bunch of circles for defining a solid, and I use the select circle, radius value, and length constraint ... Paste, then drag them around and redo.

Another one is formulas.... I coppied points where the X value was a paramater XVAL + length.... I had a bunch of them.

I hope I explained that well so people can understand it. I'll post a pic next week.