SPA-Useful Information for "Click OK To Terminate"

Rolando Garza

SPA-Useful Information for "Click OK To Terminate"
Item: General
Implement Request Point: V5R21
Requirement Description:
Add some useful information to the "Click OK to Terminate" message that can be submitted for DS developer review

Dave Frank

RE: SPA-Useful Information for "Click OK To Terminate"
(in response to Rolando Garza)
The "Click OK to Terminate" is an issue for many, myself included.

I know several programmers have used the "Click OK to Terminate" box as their avatar, or signature

Loosing work is always a problem, and any help to not duplicate a bad method, that causes a crash, is VERY helpful.

Is it Memory, Video, IO access, a software glitch pointing to a method to avoid until repaired. Having this would lead to programmers being able to assist DS in trouble shooting, even sending in files to help DS sort things out.

I like it!

Randy Hitzeman

RE: SPA-Useful Information for "Click OK To Terminate"
(in response to Rolando Garza)
I'm one of those that has a "Click OK to terminate" signature.
The problem with the "Click OK to terminate" message is that it is a MicroSoft Windows error.
This means that the problem is so bad the OS is terminating you.

If Dausault is to going to start providing better error messaging, they better be useful, or why bother.

I was one of the unfortunates who used MFGPROG in V4 Catia.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this application, it was the predecessor to V5 NC programming within V4. Very few ever used, and for a reason. It was buggy and crash prone.

MFGPROG had it's own set of error messages, all of them in French. We translated them in vain hope of getting some useful information. Yea, right.

My favorite was MFGPROG's equivalent to "Click OK to terminate", "Pas de jour affair". It roughly translates to "I'm having a bad day". Who said developers don't have a sense of humour.
And just like "Click OK to terminate", it appeared just before bombing you out completely.