COE Administrator

Hi All

I have this problem that I think might be a bug but would like a second opinion on. For the sake of argument assume I have a product containing several parts and a couple of sub-products and I apply numbering so that item numbers are used for the bill-of-material analysis. I can create a GA drawing of the assembly and balloon it up - no problem. When I come to open one of the sub-products and produce a sub assembly drawing I find that the item numbering has not propogated to the sub product (in fact the sub product has no numbering applied) so I can't balloon up the sub-assembly drawing consistently with the overall bill of material.

The question is - is my methodology for producing assemblies with sub-assemblies inconsistent with Dassaults' or is this a known problem which will be fixed? (I have V5R7SP3).

Thanks in advance

Author: Peter Lovelock