Robotics neophyte.

Ivan Trail

Robotics neophyte.

Hello all,

I have been assigned to the robotics department of my work, which is an educational institution. I have been asked to start making the robots "do something cool", and I know next to nothing about them or the parts of DELMIA that make it all work.

I have access to the online docs, which have helped somewhat, but I am still at a standstill.

Where do I start learning this process? I need to be able to design tools for the robots, make them use them and ultimately make them perform friction stir welds, laser part scanning, and probably a few other things. Of course, these will require adaptable processes which will recieve data (force on spindle, distance to part) and need to correct the path of motion or feed to compensate. Thus far I haven't found anything about adaptable pathing.

I am open to, and would appreciate, any suggestions on which way to proceed.