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Little Cthulhu

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Hi everybody.

I wonder if forum supports thread "pinning", so that "pinned" threads display first regardless of their last modification date. This feature is most commonly used for announcements, FAQs and other major info threads. 

This question was raised from a necessity of preserving and distinguishing Most Valuable Threads (call them MVTs!). These "perls" usually contain rare/extremely useful info. So I am sure focusing MVTs out will make answering a random question easier: a user will search for related info in MVTs first, and only then in other threads. 

To sum up, I believe that thread pinning may become the base (or just basic implementation) for "Best practices" knowledge base, which is a definitive must-have for such a big community as COE. But maybe we already have such tool and am I just missing it?


Thanks for your attention,




Amanda Whitmer

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COE does have this capability, but it is only available to those marked as admin/moderator.  Unfortunately, users currently cannot elevate a thread. 





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Dave Frank

RE: Pinned threads
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Hi Little C,


What you can do is:

  1. Make a list of your favorites, with the links
  2. Send that list to [login to unmask email]
  3. And contact your division leader of chairman.  Here is a link to the contact page
  4. Make a thread called Little C's favorites, and put the links in there.... and we can make your Favs sticky
  5. Pat yourself on the back for a good idea and your spirit of invlovlent.
  6. Take a look at the MFG fourm... I made a few threads sticky. ( As chairman, I monitor that forum).  Stickys are identified with a triangle


Now... I think it would be even better to have a seperate forum, or subfolder, general, and your most falued.  Some may get confused with stickys,... it make the new topics ... a bit harder to see.  I will wait for feedback from the users to see how well the change I did works out.


Hope this helps


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