Large assembly data exchange via 3dxml

Gangadharan B

Large assembly data exchange via 3dxml

Say suppose, I am designing a large assembly. Some of the design should be done by another company. I did a initial design and pack it as 3dxml(a big size). And sending the same to the 3rd party to finish their design. They should do their design activities and send me the completed design. Assume that, their design work shall impact mostly all of the components in the assembly.

In this scenario, Can they pack the just the design change between my version and theirs in the 3dxml or they have to pack the whole assembly again in 3dxml?

If no, is there any workaround to do this? (apart from 3dxml way).

Also, please let me know, what should I do, If I don't want them to modify a particular sub-assembly in the main assembly, and still do the data exchange via 3dxml?



Lasse Purma

RE: Large assembly data exchange via 3dxml
(in response to Gangadharan B)


On your first scenario - as in V6 Product is not actually holding the child links, but there is a real Instance object. (you know - several people can effectively modify same assembly at the same time) => effectively in collaboration also you can import just the partial assembly = only changed objects. Logic is significantly differnt than with V5 Products.