Intel MKL Library

George A Weiss

Intel MKL Library


I am using Catia V5r20, is there a version of Intel MKL Library that will work with this release?  My computation Resources Estimation window tells me that installing the library will speed up processor time.  Everything I have read about this indicates that the lastest version of MKL crashes Catia.  Does anyone have any insight to this problem?


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Mike Dubya

RE: Intel MKL Library
(in response to George A Weiss)

I just installed V5R20 and the Intel MKL library under Win10 x64 and I haven't had any problems other than analyses failing because of exceeding the 16GB ram limitation (which is extremely annoying).  I've been running a lot of analyses over the last month and a half without any crashing.  Not sure if that's helpful or not.

*ETA* I'm just noticing that this post is from 2013... but in any case, this issue seems to have been resolved.

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