STL, OBJ and PLY files -> Catia

Rolando Garza

STL, OBJ and PLY files -> Catia

I've got some STL, OBJ and PLY files I was considering using in Catia.

I see I need another license at this site to open STL files in Catia.

I don't see a way to inport OBJ and PLY files.


What are ya'll experiences?

How do ya'll get these file types into Catia?

Do you use the DS license or some pre-import translator to convert them to STP... or something else.......?


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Jim Strawn

RE: STL, OBJ and PLY files -> Catia
(in response to Rolando Garza)

You might try adding them as existing components in a V5 Product.   I'm not sure it will work with these file types, but it's worth a shot.

We have the ST1 license for advanced STEP as well as the DSE and STL files needed to read and generate STL files.

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Graydon Edward Loar

RE: STL, OBJ and PLY files -> Catia
(in response to Rolando Garza)

6 years late to the party, but in case anyone else struggled with getting an OBJ into CATIA like I just did, here's how I eventually "succeeded":

1. Load the OBJ into Rhino.

2. Save as an IGES.

3. From CATIA, use the Import command (from the REE package or similar) to get the point cloud.

Note: You could hypothetically just open the IGES by letting CATIA do the conversion, but the file will be a ton of points and the conversion will take a while. My OBJ file had ~180,000 points and CATIA said it would take an hour to convert. OBJ files can be opened in notepad to get a sense of their scale.