PPR - Process Steps

Timothy John Suhr

PPR - Process Steps

I am one who has volunteered my time to be a planner on the V6 discovery program. Information about creating a process plan seems to be a little light. I have created my squares and got the product into them. What are some of the other things that must be created? Where would one find the information to create them? How does the PPR get displayed in GNAT form? How are inspection point put into the PPR? For example if there was a torque check to be performed on the bolt that hold on a blade. Where are the spots for QA sign off?

Timothy J. Suhr

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Kevin Albers

RE: PPR - Process Steps
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We conducted a short V6 study here a couple years ago.  I have attached my notes from the DELMIA Process Planning, Work Instructions, Manufacturing System Definition, Resource Definition and Layout, Work Instructions, and Producibility portions of that study.

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  • V6 Study-DELMIA Manufacturing Simulation.docx (1434.9k)

Satpaul Sooriya

RE: PPR - Process Steps
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Although 6 years may have passed on this article - its great to see the new developments from DS 


  • DELMIA Process 2.pdf (938.4k)