LO1 - 2D Layout for 3D design

Tim Torbron

LO1 - 2D Layout for 3D design

Has anyone ever used this license in their daily work.

I saw something realy cool at COE with this but it was done in V6 so Idon't know if it exist in V5. Fabrice put on a presentation  where he manipulated components in assembly views created in the subject workbench using drafting dimensions much like one would do in an assembly using contraints dimensions. The Drawing/Product acted as one entity where as the standard drawing is just a reciever of model information.

I dont know if this will be any use to us but I am looking for ways to improve design quality and reduce drawing effort/time. If there is anyone out there that has experience with this and doesnt mind allowing me to pick their brain for a bit it would be much appreciated.


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Eric Neuville

RE: LO1 - 2D Layout for 3D design
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2 year old post.... and I am now doing some testing with this in 3DX2016x. I like it very much. I like how we can apply a predefined filter to the assembly view and pile up views...and then create a real projected drawing from the 3D layout when we ready to do so.

not sure about what is available in v5