LCA Intorspection issues with specific Catia "windows" docs

Daniel E Echegoyen

LCA Intorspection issues with specific Catia "windows" docs


I'm not sure if this is the right forum for it. I looked that the current threads and found no similar threads.

Setup:  Running Instrospection on V5R21 on AIX (Unix). The process reads and converts drawings and parts to CGR or PDF.

Issue1:  Some files have Windows' specific fonts or modules (tables) which cause introspection to crash.

Issue2: It appears that if at any point Introspection fails becasue of issue 1, any subsequent requests fail immediately, and I need to recycle the process to allow it start processing. I get "syntax errors" and the only message.

The answer from DS support for both issues: "move Introspection to Windows"

Q1: Has anyone found a way around this problem?

I'm specially concerned about issue 2, since I do not understand why the process seems to enter an unrecoverable state. Introspection makes system calls to CATDMUtility for each request, so all processes should be independent.


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