ENOVIA modules

Rajesh Kumar Jilla, PLM Consultant

ENOVIA modules


Can you someone explain the following modules with an analogy and how it works in ENOVIA.

  1. Program managment
  2. Content management
  3. Part managment
  4. Product managment
  5. Security management
  6. Control management
  7. Change management
  8. Release management
  9. Configuration management

Many thanks in advance.


RE: ENOVIA modules
(in response to Rajesh Kumar Jilla, PLM Consultant)

Hi Rajesh,

no one reply to your post in 3 years. I am a new users and just joined COE after stuggling to find appropriate user community.

Your post is valid and interesting one, I am surprised no one at least posted some links to relevant links.

Have you had some responses. Can you share?


best regards