LCA and license timeout issues post firewall installation

Daniel E Echegoyen

LCA and license timeout issues post firewall installation


We're currently running LCA V5R21, Catia v5R21. Working on migrating to supported versions sometime next year.

Due to ownership changes on our company, a firewall was installed between our clients and our LCA/License servers.

As part of the changes, we added all the ports needed to be opened in the firewall rules for communications between client and servers (orbix ports, client ports, etc).

Everything was working relativaly well until we started seeing communication errors between our clients and servers.

These communication errors left "orphan" VDO0 processes which would hold on to a DES licenses. The license would be released after the VDO0 processs was killed.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?  Increasing timeouts on all ports to 8+ hours has done little to resolve the problem.

Of course, these issues never occurred prior to the firewall.

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Update to the post: Our users would see a "communication lost" error, which would force them to log back in.

We've created temporary workarounds to free up licenses if we detect "close connection" errors in the users' VDO0 log files, so we are not running out of licenses anymore.

We're also experiencing similar communication issues while sending documents from LCA to Catia. We had Wan architects look for dropped communications, but we have not seen anything out of the ordinary.

In general we suspect that the app is both chatty and very sensitive to slightly longer delays. We're just not sure how to resolve.

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