DELMIA vs Tecnomatix


DELMIA vs Tecnomatix


does anybody have experience using both DELMIA and Tecnomatix in proccess discipline?

Pros, Cons, feeling are appreciated...



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Vinodh Kumar Singaram, Engineer

RE: DELMIA vs Tecnomatix
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I have used Tecnomatix and using Delmia 

Overall Feel - Delmia is better than Tecnomatix


Creation of Manufacturing Bill of Materials and Process Planning within Delmia


Creation of Manufacturing Bill of Materials and Process Planning Struture is in Teamcenter and Open it in Tecnomatix

Delmia 3D Visualizationis better than Tecnomatix

Delmia has auto-creation options of MBOM from EBoM whereas Tecnomatix doesn't

Any model issues fixing is better in Delmia than Tecnomatix

PERT chart is available in Tecnomatix - it is very much useful for identifying the bottleneck but not it Delmia

Delmia has tile for MBOM items so that the parts can be dragged and dropped onto tile which is not there

Grouping of Hardware instance can be made optional alteast to avoid long tree structure in Delmia which is not a problem in Tecnomatix

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