Delete analysis connections

Cliff Johnson, Cliff

Delete analysis connections

I have an analysis model which contains broken analysis connection meshes which reference geometry which no longer exists in the part. 

I would like to delete these but there does not seem to be an option to do so.

There doesn't even seem to be a way to edit them. 

Does anyone know how to delete analsysis connections from my mesh?

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Cliff Johnson, Cliff

RE: Delete analysis connections
(in response to Cliff Johnson, Cliff)

I was able to delete the broken connection meshes using a macro. 

There must be some way to do this interactively. But I don't see it. 


VB.NET code Snippet: 

Dim oAnalysisDoc as AnalysisDocument = oCATIA.ActiveDocument

Dim oMgr as AnalysisManager = oAnalysisDoc.Analysis

Dim oAnalysisMeshManager as AnalysisMeshManager = oMgr.AnalysisModels(1)

For each obj as AnalsysisMeshPart in oAnalysisMeshManager.AnalysisMeshParts

if like "*Connection*" Then oAnalysisMeshManager.Remove(obj.Name)


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