Right hand and left hand part question

Kalyan N

Right hand and left hand part question

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I'm using CATIA V5 AM2. I have a question here...

I have already created the process document of a Part, which comes on Right Hand side of the assembly.

Now, the similar component (But Mirrored one), again I'm creating entire process.

Is there any way to use Right Hand side part's process documents PPRactivities to produce left hand side part's process document.  Please guide me...

Thanks in advance.


N Kalyan

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Noah Bettin

RE: CATProcess and CATProduct
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You might want to post this as a new thread since it's not the same topic. But we do this regularly using the concept of process templates. Your right handed process is saved and used as a template for your left handed part. As you can see in this thread it is possible to programmatically open your existing right handed process and insert your left handed part and connect it to the PPR context. If you also want to connect the existing right handed MO's to your inserted left handed part, that is possible too but requires planning ahead with use of published or named geometry and possibly named MO's.

Eric Neuville

RE: CATProcess and CATProduct
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ok i made this as new post in manufacturing. let me know if this is the best place or where I should move it to.