How to mesh complex space-frame geometry in Abaqus CAE ???

Dhiraj Kumar Muthyala, Graduate Research Student

How to mesh complex space-frame geometry in Abaqus CAE ???

Hello everyone,

I am a Grad Student working on my Master's Thesis at UNC-Charlotte. At the moment I am making a space-frame (modeled in Solidworks) to hold a Motor and Gear-Reducer assembly. After number of partitions (180) I was able to achieve a combination of structured (green) and swept (yellow) regions in the geometry, with dominating structured regions (file attached).

I am new to FEA and Abaqus feels a little rigid with the whole partitioning scheme. Anyways.., I tried to Hex mesh the frame but it throws me errors - "..incompatible interfaces.." and "Mesh generation failed due to a problem in the  propagation of mesh seeds..Modify meshing algorithm and the seeds"

Is there a better way to partition complex geometries in general or in my specific case? I'd really appreciate any suggestions as my grad advisor does not specialize in this field. Thank you for taking the time to read. Hope you have a good day.

Dhiraj Muthyala
Graduate Student
Motorsports Research Lab, UNC-Charlotte


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