Catia NC Lock

Morten Lerager

Catia NC Lock

Hi, (first post)

I am trying to figure out how Lock is working. The manual tells me

Nothing can change in the toolpath, when Lock is set on a MO

Maybe it’s true with MO which have a Editable ToolPath.

Drill cycles seams different.

If I make a drill cycle > Lock it > remove the hole geometry.

I don’t get any depth value in the cycle output. %MFG_TOTAL_DEPTH is empty

When I simulate the program, all seems to be up to date.

And the hole are still drilled the right way. (before hole remove)

Must be a fail in Catia. When Lock is on, NOTHING should be changed in the output.

When a hole geometry is deleted, why set %MFG_TOTAL_DEPTH to empty !*?z

It’s not the geometry to decide the depth. It is the editable field “Depth” and that’s still intact

I don’t remember how many years I have been using Catia. Still not understand why the software has so simple Errors

Look at my video here : Catia Lock Error

Please help, if there is some.

Morten Lerager, V5 R27 SP3

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