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Rosemary Astheimer

PMI Display

Can anyone tell me what option I have set that is causing my annotations to be "shaded" such that they are the same color as the background?  Its hard to explain - refer to the image to see an example. 


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Timothy John Suhr

RE: PMI Display
(in response to Rosemary Astheimer)

The command your looking for is Annotation Blanking. It is used to blank annotations and dimensions. To ensure the readability, you can apply blanking on annotations and dimensions of the authoring context and the exported light review context. By selecting the text and using the power entry field issue the command [c:Annotation Blanking] the system will turn the capability off or on.
The user guide can point you to more information.../online/cfyugfdt_C2/cfyugfdtutBlannking.htm#CATTPSHeader.CATTPSAnnotationBlankingReviewHdr

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