Selection inside a VBA Userfrom

Rohit Yadav, Specialist Engineer

Selection inside a VBA Userfrom

Hello everyone,

I have following queries in my macro development in CATIA V5 ,if any of you can solve my issue please suggest  solutions. 

1. How to pause the code while running when a modeless user from is showing and resume when user form is closed. is it even possible?

2. if not then how can i do user selection in the mode user form ,after clicking a " select" button in the user form. since the mode user from does not allow any interaction with the screen till it is displayed.( My objective is to use select element3 after showing the user form, after the user form is closed continue the code and use the selection value)

Thank you.



ilhanberk daylan

RE: Selection inside a VBA Userfrom
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You can add a specific button for only searching and collecting items from CATIA. And you can save it in a public list, you can reselect things again and again. So you won't need any interruption.

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