Master Stacking Sequence

Thomas Grisham

Master Stacking Sequence

In Grid design, the virtual stacking has the following three options for ply crossings:

  1. Minimum Crossing
  2. Minimum Crossing & Weight Saving
  3. Weight Saving

After importing a master stacking sequence, a fourth button becomes available for MSS.

This begs the following questions:

"What algorithm does the master stacking sequence use for it's ply crossing definition?"

"Can this "default" algorithm be changed?"


  • PlyCrossingOptions.png (2.4k)

Nathan Shipley

RE: Master Stacking Sequence
(in response to Thomas Grisham)

I believe the Level column in the master stacking sequence is intended to control the order of drop.  So if you define the Levels for each layer, you would want to use the MSS option.  If you did not, then I believe the other ply crossing definitions could still be used to define them.  

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Thomas Grisham

RE: Master Stacking Sequence
(in response to Nathan Shipley)

Thanks Nathan!

Feeling stupid for asking the question now. I already knew that the MSS controls the level and order of the plies drop off.