High HP laptop, Poor FEA performance

Mike Dubya

High HP laptop, Poor FEA performance

So I recently upgraded to a high end Thinkpad workstation laptop with a Quadro card and I am absolutely disappointed with the performance.  I have read lots of stuff saying that the Quadro cards are worth the money and destroy the gaming cards etc etc.  So I spent almost double the money on a workstation as opposed to just buying a flagship gaming laptop and I could not be more disappointed.  I have installed the drivers as recommended by the Dassault and nothing improved.

Anyway, I was expecting better results with just spinning and zooming complex models and it's almost the same as the gaming rigs.  That said, the FEA performance is absolutely pitiful.  My last laptop had an i5 processor and the new one has an i9 and a pretty basic simulation is, at this point, over 24hrs in run time.  I can't believe it.  The mesh is not complicated and my mesh sizes are reasonable and even ridiculously large for unimportant components.  It only has 2 surface slider connections and 10 bolt tightening connections.  It has 1 force and a 10G gravitational acceleration applied to the whole model.

I have run much more complex models in the past with tighter meshes and had them finish much faster... like 10-12hrs.  I installed the intel math packages as recommended and, at this point I'm not sure what else I can do.

Of course as with all new computers, I have been hamstrung into using the Win10 pile of garbage so I'm not sure if that's part of the problem but, otherwise, I am open to any and all suggestions for improving performance.

Has anyone else experienced similar garbage performance from Catia?


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