parametric text anotations

Josu Legaz

parametric text anotations

Hi everybody

im trying to create a text anotation where some of the main dimensions of my 3D element are shown, such as lenght and height. My idea is to create a parameter in the 2D or 3D element where I introduce that data, and then relate somehow the anotation to that parameter, so the text updates automaticaly when i change de parameters value.

itīs easy to make this in solidworks, but i dont know if it is posible to make it in catia

i will apreciate any suggestion

Douglas Snell

RE: parametric text anotations
(in response to Josu Legaz)

You can use a functionality called 'Attribute Link' to link the text of a basic annotation to a Parameter.

  1. Create the Parameter
  2. Create the Annotation
  3. Add basic text to the annotation Edit Text box
  4. Highlight the text to replace in the Edit Text box
  5. Right Click on the highlighted text > select 'Attribute Link'
  6. Select the Parameter to which you would like to link
  7. Click OK in the Attribute Link Panel

The other method would be to use the Functional Tolerancing And Annotations Workbench and add Dimensions to the Part object.

Josu Legaz

RE: parametric text anotations
(in response to Douglas Snell)

thanks man :)