Hung CATIA License

Jon Houghton

Hung CATIA License

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to resolve an issue with an automated system that uses batch CATIA operations to process files. The system performs heavy operations that can occasionally lock up or freeze CATIA. In the event of a fatal CATIA error or if CNEXT.exe must be programmatically terminated, CATIA is then programmatically restarted after a short delay. When this occurs, the license server more often than not fails to release the license of the previous CATIA instance and does not grant the new CATIA instance a license... which causes a license prompt to display. Repeatedly killing and restarting CATIA with a short delay causes an infinite loop of license denials.

Has anyone experienced this and/or found a way to force the license server to drop a license from a crashed CATIA instance? The only solution I've found is to wait approximately 5 minutes while disallowing any license requests to the license server from that computer. This is an unacceptable delay for the system to work properly and I'm hoping there is some way to mitigate this issue.

Let me know if you have any ideas or have experienced this issue before. Thank you!

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