CAA C++ and

Maria Gualandris

CAA C++ and

I'm trying to implement a C++ dll (MyDLL in this sample) that must be called by a program.
in source code :

Declare Ansi Function MyTestFunction Lib "MyDLL" (obj As DrawingRoot) As Integer
Dim nn;
Dim drvRoot As DrawingRoot
drvRoot = ....
nn = MyTestFunction(drvRoot)
in C++ source code :
Which interface should I use for the input parameter (DrawingRoot) ?

I tried with :

int MyTestFunction(CATIDftDrawing * ptDrawingRoot) { ...}

but it doesn't work. Can anyone give me any suggestions, please ?

Thanks in advance !

                       Maria Gualandris

Little Cthulhu

RE: CAA C++ and
(in response to Maria Gualandris)

This won't work since CAA interfaces are not registered nor implemented as COM ones.

You should implement your own interfaces that would be exposed to Automation and would wrap native CAA ones. Refer to the article in CAA Encyclopedia.