Retrieve PartDocument in Product

LECLERC Sebastien

Retrieve PartDocument in Product

Hi :)

I love VBA CATIA V5, but something trouble me a bit.... It is "Product" concept! xD

In VBA for Part, all is clear, PartDocument, Part, Boby,... Just the Product concept a bit difficult to understand, but oki.

But in Product ALL is Product, Component is Product, Product is Product, Part is Product...

For complicated, all this Product, who are not Product in real, must use sometime "ReferenceProduct", for retrieve TRUE Product, because all is instance...

But, again more complicated, TUTORIAL in File "CAA V5" for Product tell to use MAsterShape everywhere! xD

I do it, and no works for me on V5R2018, My component fusion with my Part for make a model with no Tree strange..; Soo I thing Master Shape is for V4, and Tutorial is Old, But!!!

Emett Rosse use Master Shape for retrieve PartDocument in PartProduct!

Soo, Get MasterShape is useful in 2021 for retrieve the PartDocument and Part/Body whith???

Here the strange Code of Emett Ross with use of "GetMasterShape":

Thx, I hope to be clearely.