Handling layers from CATDrawing to DXF

Nicolas C

Handling layers from CATDrawing to DXF


I am working on automating the generation of DXF files and I have an issue regarding the layers with VBA scripts.

In a CATDrawing I instantiate some 2D components previously generated in a base drawing (that have a color, a line type and a layer defined), and other primary graphics such as lines (also with a color, a line type and a layer modified by the VisProperties).

After the CATDrawing generation, everything is fine: the colors, line types and layers are correct (after exploding the symbols), but when I save as a DXF file, I lose those parameters on the 2D components only.
I attached a screenshot of the options I use for DXF export.

I assume the issue is related to how the symbols are exported when saving as a DXF, but I do not manage to understand what is wrong... If someone has a idea, please share it!

CATIA version : 5R2017 SP2 build 27

EDIT : Nevermind... I found out that the issue was because after the export, there still was the BLOCK (not exploded) and the exploded elements on top of each other, so I modified the export options to not export the BLOCKS, and everything was fine.


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