Performance with many publications and constraints

Michael Laursen

Performance with many publications and constraints

Hi fellow members, 

Are the any performance issues having a lot of publications.? I'm thinking around 10 publication for every joints/connection. On top of that we would have extra publications for simulation in Ansys. 

So how would 100-500 publications affect performance..? Does anyone have experience with this..?   

And what about the amount of constraints..? Do we know how much they affect the performance..? 
I remember that some in the automobile industri design in place..but was this due to performance..? 


Thx. And lets meet at COExperience 2022





I'll be presenting at COExperience 2022 along with Jakob Møller 
3042: (PD)Virtual Product 2.0 Jakob Moeller, (Michael Laursen/Martin Brask Sørensen), Grundfos