Fix pack upgrade planning to 2021x FP12 Server + Client-side

Thor Andersen

Fix pack upgrade planning to 2021x FP12 Server + Client-side

We are planning an upgrade on 2021x FP10->FP12 - we currently have approximately 75 client machines. We need Server-side SW upgraded and Client-side as well. DS support stops if FP-levels are not identical.

However, from an IT distribution perspective, this becomes "clumsy". DS suggests that we plan a maintenance window where all client SW + server SW are upgraded - e.g. friday - sunday where all laptops are available - some at home offices.

We would prefer to upgrade the windows clients (mostly laptops) during the week before the maintenance break. This would allow a distributed rollout of 14GB SW to each client over office LAN, VPN etc. and this would put less strain on the NW.

We have noticed that 3DX seems to work fine with FP10 server-side and FP12 client-side, but DS are discouraging us from doing so - they repeat that this is not supported.

We can live with no support for SR's etc. for this week, but we cannot accept risks of breaking the system due to mismatch in FP levels.

What do other companies do to manage these upgrades - how much risk is taken in order to ensure accessibility and limit the constraints on rolling out these updates ?