Add Sew Surface in VBA

Venkadesh Murugan, Engineer

Add Sew Surface in VBA

Hello Guys,

I have a question on the Sew surface method in VBA. I am able to obtain the Sew surface  thru VBA ,but the issue is am not able to uncheck the simplified geometry . 

how could I uncheck the Simplify geometry to make it workable as expected 


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Venkadesh M

Josh Bender

RE: Add Sew Surface in VBA
(in response to Venkadesh Murugan, Engineer)

I can't find a way to modify that with VBA, unfortunately.

But, if you really need that switch selected, you could change your overall order. Instead of using a sew, step back and make the whole design with surfaces, join them together, and then use the close surface. The Join (HybridShapeAssemble) object does have the method "SetSimplifiy" which can be used to get what you're looking for.